1. Guideline where to find instant quotation: User needs to access Ultimate Print website > Menu Bar > Product Pricing

2. Order Details: User needs to fill POD specific requirements to acquire price at the end. The option details such as pagination, printing type, binding, finishing, etc. Duly noted that your file pagination text may auto-revised due to our sectional pagination and book size. Example : User key in 57 pagination will auto change to 64 pagination. We would like to encourage customer round up/even number of pages.
The price not include postage and design charge.

3. Contact Information: If you are confirm to proceed order to print book, click Proceed Order button to fill your contact information, such as email address and phone number associated with the order, is up to date. This will help in further inquiries necessary.

4. Upload file: You can upload your file when you want to confirm/ proceed order
Instruction how to input your URL link
i. Please make sure you give a full access/permission to open your PDF file format.
ii. Simple steps :
1. Copy and Paste your URL file
2. Click Upload button
iii. We are likely advise to submit your PDF file in WeTransfer or Google Drive

5. Generated Order Details: User will receive the order tracking ID once the details have been filled-in.Quotation and track ID will directly sent to user email. Tracking ID is necessary to track the order.

6. Understanding standard PDF book format:

If you want to start upload your file. There are three factors to ensure your PDF file book prints correctly:

i) Trim size
a) Your printed book’s width and height
b) The final cut will be made to make the final size

ii) Bleed
a) Bleed is a printing term when printed extend past where the file will be trimmed.
b) Setting your bleed properly ensures printed objects reach all the way to the edge and the white border will not appear at the edge of the page when the book is trimmed.

iii) Margins
a) Every page has three outside margins (top, bottom, and side) and one inside margin (also called the gutter).
b) Margins ensure your text isn’t cut off during manufacturing.

7. Once your order received, you can contact via Whatsapp before proceed payment to make sure both party agreed with the ordering.Orders must be paid in full before we start printing via online/bank transfer transaction.

Online payment / deposit the exact amount of money for your order to:
Bank Name   : Maybank Berhad
A/C Name     : Ultimate Print Sdn Bhd
A/C Number : 5142 7162 2933
Kindly send copy of online payment and make scan/copy, WhatsApp or email it to us together with your order details.
    WhatsApp No. : +60 19-237 6082
    Email                 : [email protected]