The name ‘CORET2’ sources from the words “Coret-Coret”. “Coret-Coret” in the Malay language is defined as sketching. “Quill Pen” on the logo is to sketch our determination to be the pioneer in personalized premium printing and premium stationeries suppliers in local and international markets. Black color in the logo is symbolic of power, authority and strength of Coret2's products while white color is directly linked to righteousness and providing added values to client. 

At Ultimate Print, we constantly try our best to ensure the best printed quality material is delivered to our client. We realized the future printing industry in Malaysia will soon evolve into a more “complex” industry. The emergence of Etsy and hipster (Trending) planner, journal and notebook have been identified as the kick-start for us to produce well crafted paper products. Hence through numerous efforts and research we finally discovered this new market identified as “Premium Stationery” products. Our aim is to introduce trendy and stylish designed stationeries at premium quality to local and international markets. 

A penetration into “Premium Stationary Market” might be hard and in truth, it is not a new market for “Premium Stationery” in Malaysia. Multiple Resellers or Exporters are currently competing each other in this market as well. However, with the strong collaboration with our in-house advertising supports, we are confident to promote this brand throughout Malaysia and global.

Keep your precious memory with style! Yes, that is the tagline that we use to sell stylish and sassy square Journal hardcover notebook product range. Crafted with outer designs that are witty and sassy enough to cater those with awesome personalities, it has the perfect unique size for carrying around and all the pages are blank so you can decide what you want to do with it: sketching, writing or even scrapbooking. Blank pages are the best to keep all those precious memories you've collected: Polaroid photos, movie tickets or even restaurant receipts and you can tape them with all of your favorite washi tapes.

Organize your thrilling year with Coret2's Corporate Planner! The Corporate Planner is a neat scheduler which features pages that are separated into several sections to keep your social and work life in check. This Corporate Planner is perfect to jot down your notes and to keep track of your important appointments. The yearly and monthly planners help you plan your days at a glance.

The Sui Generis Planner is an awesome weekly diary which features dateless pages separated into several sections to keep your social and work life in check. The content sheet of the planner is undated so you can fill in your own dates and start your scheduler at any time of the year. All the fresh and fun outer designs are made to best suit your quirky personality. This planner is perfect to pen down your daily musings, to keep track of your weekly to-do list and to motivate you through your days with inspirational quotes printed on more than 50 pages. 

Another product in our list is our Limited Edition Planner which has the same specifications as our Sui Generis Planner. What's special about the Limited Edition Planner though is its content where it matches with the Black and Gold design of its planner cover. We are planning to create more and more Limited Edition Planners with unique themes or design collaborations in the future.

This one is a must have for all stationery enthusiasts! Our pocket book is best to keep your daily notes, random scribbles and to-do list, be it of things to do, groceries to buy or books to read. It is the perfect size to slip it in your bag and take with you on the go. It is also available in black and white and in colourful pages for you to unleash your creativity.

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